Friday, 12 May 2017

I'ƖƖ Ɓє Ƴσυя LιfєƖιηє Ƭσηιgнт

Photo Taken At: La Vie La Vie

And if you feel you're sinking, I will jump right over
Into cold, cold water for you
And although time may take us into different places
I will still be patient with you
And I hope you know
I won't let go
I'll be your lifeline tonight
I won't let go
I'll be your lifeline tonight
Today was an awesome day I spent it chilling at the beach and learning to surf. I met the local wildlife and swam with the dolphins and to finish it all off I surfed some waves look mama no hands! 
Today I have a Little Cakes bonanza for you Lacie has been working super hard and come out with some super cute stuff to hit the beach with the seagulls kept thinking the paci im chewing on looked like food an tried to swipe it from me luckily I got the photo before they did, but if you see a seagull with my paci in his mouth you tell him I'm coming for him!!!

What I am Wearing:

Shape: Ohai. - Rose

Bow: Little Cakes - Bow Fatpack
This Bow is part of Lacies Hello Beautiful Gacha set the bow has a hud from which you can choose from 4 super cute colors to color your bow! This Gacha is just 50L a pull and once again has 3 amazing rares to collect which consist of the bow fatpack, the crown fatpack and the pearl headband fatpack! It also has 1 UltraRare item which is ALL 3 of the afore mentioned fatpacks!! Hello Beautiful opens on the 10th of May and runs until the 25th of may so click on the links for your limo to try your luck at this awesome gacha today!

Paci: Little Cakes - Beach Bum Paci {OUC Gift}
My awesome beach bum paci which the seagulls stole can be found at the Once Upon A Child event free yes that's right FREE Lacie kindly made this paci to be the gift for the event and you can find it in her booth with her awesome rompers. Click on the links for your limo to the event today! This event runs from the 5th of May until the last friday of the month which is the 26th May. Happy Shopping my lovely readers!!

Top: Little Cakes - Seastar Gacha Shirt
This super cute T-Shirt is from Lacies Seastar Gacha Set which is priced at just 50L a pull and has 3 Rares consisting of the Flip Flop fatpack, the shorts fatpack and the t-shirt fatpack aswell as1 UltraRare which has ALL 3 fatpacks in it wow thats an awesome deal! Click the link for your limo to try your luck at this awesome Gacha today!

Shorts: Little Cakes - Fatpack Shorts (From the SeaStar Gacha Set)

Flip Flops: Little Cakes - Flip Flop Fatpack (From the SeaStar Gacha Set)

Pose Used: Click. - Surfboards!

Monday, 8 May 2017


I'll spread my wings, and I'll learn how to fly
I'll do what it takes till I touch the sky
And I'll make a wish
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway
Out of the darkness, and into the sun
But I wont forget all the ones that I love
I'll take a risk
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway...

What I am wearing:

Tiara: Beau Bebe - Felicity Crown

Dress: [M] - Primrose Babydoll Dress Olive
This amazingly cute dress is available at maple for just 125L and comes in a variety of colors to choose from its perfect for those sunny beach days or even to wear to something formal with some cute accessories I just love how versatile this outfit is!!

Shoes: Turducken - Rocking Horse Sandals

Phone: Foxhole -  Cloud9/Breezi Phones
These awesome phones come in 2 different options and play 11 songs on each from Crowded House, Chainsmokers, Twenty One Pilots to Katy Perry and more they come in both Gold and Pink unisex, cute and go with any outfit you can think of. I just love to accessorize with these phones and play my music on the go wherever I may be in and around SL! They are available from Foxhole for the super low price of 199L!

What the big is wearing:

Hair: Truth - Kare (May VIP Gift)

Dress: Nala Designs - Allegra Black Sequins *Hudded*
The Allegra dress can be found at Stuff Style click for your taxi to pick yours up today!

Shoes: Empire - Moonflower (50L Friday 05/05/2017)

LιттƖє Ɓιтту Ƥяєтту Oηє!

Photo Taken At: Luanes World

Tell you a story
Happened long time ago
A-little bitty pretty one
I've been watchin' you grow
Little bitty pretty one
Come on and talk-a to me
Lovey dovey lovey one
Come sit down on my knee

What I am wearing:

Hair: D!va - Nene

Eye Tattoo: ~*Moolala*~ - Simple Heart Face Tattoo

Outfit: [M] - Emi Outfit
Maple has released another stunning outfit for another awesome event you can find this outfit at the May BabiiGlam event which runs from the 1st of May until the end of the month! 
You can change the colors on all parts of this outfit and have 6 super cool color choices in the HUD this is yet another stunning Maple release which I am totally in love with so hurry on down to get yours before the event ends!

Shoes: ~Lazo - Gladiator Shoes V2 - FATPACK

Pose Used: Posies - My Little Bug

What My Guest Poodle Is Wearing:

Shape: Zombie Suicide - Sammy Shame
Sammy Shame shape can be found at the Darkness Monthly event click for your taxi to grab yours today!

Hair: Letituier - Samba Hair

Samba can be found at the Darkness Monthly event click for your taxi to grab yours today!

Eye Makeup: Alma - Cindy

Cindy eye makeup can be found at L'Elite click for your taxi to grab yours today!

Face Tattoo: ~*Moolala*~ - Simple hearts face tattoo

Body Tattoo: Arabic Tattoos - Haruka

The Haruka Body Tattoo can be found at the Darkness Monthly event click for your taxi to grab yours today!

Necklace: Pixel Box - Magic Secrets

Outfit: The Little Bat - Lidia Hudded (Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt)

Sтαηɗ Ɓу Mє!

The road is long
With many a winding turn
That leads us to who knows where
Who knows where
But I'm strong
Strong enough to carry him
He ain't heavy, he's my brother


Photo taken at: ~~Warm Springs~~

I am so blessed to have the circle of friends I do in this world called SL each and every one of you has come into my life and taught me valuable lessons, you have stood by me when times have been tough, stood by me when I have been at my worst and best and I have no words to express my gratitude and love for each of you! From my blogger bosses Kiley, Stasha, CeCe and Izabella just to name a few down to Daphne, Chelsey and Ashlie my friends from dance and school you all mean more to me than you know and I am grateful for you all and the opportunity to be in your lives in one way or another!

What I am Wearing:

Outfit: [M] - Fox Dress
Brought to you by Maple for this coming Spring round of Thimble is this amazingly cute Fox outfit for 225L per outfit, which comes with 2 color HUDS for both dress and socks to change between 4 awesome cute colors. Don't worry boys as well as this dress Izabella also has has a Fox shirt which also has 2 color HUDS, making this is a totally cute unisex outfit which you should defiantly buy!

Maple Mainstore

Backpack: **DoRks**- Teddy Button Backpack
This awesome Backpack can be found at Once Upon A Child event for just 99L and comes in 5 different colors I just love how cute this backpack is and have not taken it off since I got it hurry on down to get yours today!

**DoRks** Mainstore

Nails: *{GBK}* - Heart Love Nail Set
These Super cute nails are coming soon to the new Hello Beautiful round on May 10th! For just 50L they are a bargain they have 3 super cute nail choices on the HUD you wont want to miss out on this super cute bargain!

*{GBK}* Mainstore

Monday, 1 May 2017

SтєαƖ Mу Sυηѕнιηє

Photo Taken At La Vie, La Vie

When life gives you lemons make some lemonade this is the lesson I have learnt this last week I have the most amazing people in my life and I am so grateful to have this awesome lady as my mamma! We decided to team up for our first joint blog and found the cutest little beach for it it was so peaceful watching the sun start to set and listening to the birds times like this with my mamma make me realize how much I have to be thankful for!

What I Am Wearing:

Hair: [monso]- Wendy/Browns

Headband: =Zenith= - Tulips bloom Corolla

Basketball Top:{Little Miss}- Varsity *group gift* 

Jeans: [M] - Low Rider Denim
These awesome Jeans are available at the Once Upon A Child event which opens on the 5th May and come in 4 super cute colors 

Shoes: #EMPIRE - Eustoma

What The Mommy Is Wearing:

Hair: Exxess - CoCo

Shirt: Mesh Head - Lizzy

Jeans: Spirit - Paola Jeans

Shoes: Reign - Spring Tassel Wedges

Pose: {Confetti Poses} - My Beloved Mommy 01
This awesome pose can be found at the Thimble Kids Event and is part of an adorable fatpack consisting of 2 toddleedoo poses and 2 mommy and me poses, so hurry on down and get yours today before the round ends!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Sυη, Sєα, Sαηɗ αηɗ Rαιη?

Omgah I sure need this rest after my manic blogging spree I just had I found me a nice comfy longer in a sunny corner of the beach! It's not even raining but after my last adventures I knew to come prepared I have my super cute umbrella hat and I'm ready to soak up the sun however long it may last. No zombies, no rain just a shark named Fred who keeps eyeing me up like I'm lunch someone should really feed this thing!!! Ahhhh yessss just me and Fred we gonna catch us some rays and maybe some food for him that is not short and chubby and answers to the name of Kourt ;)

What I Am Wearing:

Umbrella Hat: :K: - Rainy Umbrella #1 Ultra Rare
These super cute umbrella hats are 50L a pull and have 7 Commons, 2 Rares and 1 Ultra Rare!
The commons are Triangle, Pastel, Solid, Rainbow, Dino, Mustache and Popsicle with the awesome rare  Unicorn & Hipster Cat,  you don't want to missed out the ultra rare that comes with a color change hud  ( 8 different textures) making sure your always covered come rain or shine no more sunburnt faces for me xD

Romper: *{GBK}* - Deanna Rainy Days 3 Romper
These super cute rompers come in 3 different colors for only 99L each and are awesome to wear to the beach or just for playing in the backyard on a hot summers day they are available at this round of Thimble so hurry down and get yours before the round ends!
*{GBK}* Main Store

AρяιƖ Sнσωєяѕ!

Photo taken at Ironwood Hills

Well it seems like everywhere I go I am finding the rain this week! I went on a sim hunt to find some extra spooky sims for my favorite teacher Ms Ema who teaches Supernatural studies at my school Woodridge Academy and it just started to rain and rain! Given the fact that there was a Zombie girl playing Hopscotch by me I wouldn't be surprised if she had something to do with it!!! Lucky for me I was wearing my awesome new jacket from the **DoRks** Rainy day Gacha at Thimble there's 7 commons and 3 awesome rares in this Gacha and I just love them all they are so comfy and colorful I'm not a kid who likes to wear their coat even in the rain but I sure do love these ones and for only 60L a pull they are a bargain! The Zombie girl looks hungry though so I'm going to move from where I am standing before she thinks I am a lucky charm and eats me ;) 

What I am Wearing:

Hair: *Barberyumyum* 90

Umbrella: {LC} - Rainy Day Gacha Umbrella Ultra Rare
I am loving this umbrella from Little Cakes in this April Showers thimble round there is 4 jacket commons and 4 umbrella commons aswell as 2 rare fatpacks for the jacket and the umbrella and 1 ultra rare where you get the jacket and umbrella fatpack. For 50L a pull its a bargain and you dont want to miss out on the fatpacks I just love been able to change between all 4 textures on my umbrella to suit what I am wearing

Jacket: **DoRks**  - RainyDay Coat Lucky Rare
There is 7 commons and 3 amazing rares to collect from this Gacha at this round of Thimble for only 60L a pull

Rainboots: Doodlez - Elephant Rain Boots
Theres 9 awesome commons in this gacha including duckies, elephants, monsters and firetrucks and more for just 25L a pull these boots are a steal!